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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Tis the season for love!

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Christmas is just around the corner! After Paul’s exam today, we will head home to be with family and friends to enjoy the time of year!

Although my mom and step-dad won’t be around this year, (the lucky bums are in California!) and it will be hard not having them around to share some of our traditions with, I am lucky to have Paul’s wonderful family to take me in, as it were.

For the first time in a long time, I get almost 3 weeks at home! This means (with any luck at all) less stress and more time to spend with family and friends. I’m taking my little sister out on Thursday to do some tobogganing, have lunch, and see a movie! I’m SO looking forward to this! I love that little Munchkin with all my heart and time with her is precious. Can’t wait!!

Aside from that, my goal this holiday season is to forget past troubles and focus on all of the love in my life. It’s time for me to learn how to nurture what I have and apologize to those who I may have hurt – after all, tis the season!… Of love!

This will probably be the last post before Christmas so Merry Christmas to you all! May it be filled with the love and joy you deserve!



The result!

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Well, for those of you that were wondering, my recipe did make a cake. Unfortunately for all involved, it was the heaviest and most tasteless cake ever. In an attempt to sweeten it up, we sprinkled icing sugar on it – a step up but still pretty tasteless. Fortunately for me, Paul makes pretty damn good cake frosting. Now the cake is just an excuse to eat the frosting… And normally I’m not a fan of frosting. Here’s a picture pre-frosting. I didn’t take one with… It was bed time!


Do or do not. There is no try.

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Well, semester one of the DMIT program is almost over. 1/4 done. It seems crazy. The semester has gone very well. My grades are better than they’ve ever been and I am starting to see my future. I don’t know exactly what it will include, but using the skills that I’m learning now will DEFINITELY be part of it. I’ve learned that if I just do things, and don’t try to do things, I am much more successful. Even if things are hard, I just have to get over it and do it.

Speaking of just DOING things, I decided to make a cake tonight… Only I had no milk. So I looked up a recipe for a Vanilla cake with no milk. I briefly read the ingredients and got started. As I started throwing ingredients in the bowl, I realized that not only did it not have milk, it didn’t have eggs. Weirds. On top of that, it required 3/4 of oil. The only oil we currently have is olive oil. Yuck. So, I bravely substituted the oil for 1/4 cup of melted butter. Fingers crossed. Oh, did I mention that my vanilla cake recipe called for 5 tbsp of cocoa? Haha. Stay tuned for pictures.

Anyway, moral of the story, when challenges are staring you in the face, just puff up your chest and bowl them over on your way by! It’s all good. Just enjoy what you have. Stumbling blocks are just that… stumbling blocks. Get up and keep on going. Stumble on them enough and you’ll smooth them out. 🙂


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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Christmas is, and always has been, a very special time of year for my family. We cherish the traditions that make up our version of the holidays. One of my favourite traditions is putting out the decorations and lights on Dec. 1st! So, tonight Paul and I set up our tree and put up our Christmas calendar! This year’s tree is even more special than usual – it’s mine and Paul’s first tree together! Anyway, here are some pictures for you to enjoy!! Thanks to Paul’s mom for the BEAUTIFUL Christmas calendar! The whole thing is hand made and absolutely perfect! It’s a great way to get the Christmas spirit going!

Hint: Click on the pictures for a larger view.