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Have Mercer on me…

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Okay, cheesey title, I know. But for those of you who have no idea what’s going on, that’s what you should be saying: “Have mercy on me!” Thankfully for you, we have Rick Mercer – a man with a knack for explaining things just as they are – plain and simple. Okay, maybe things aren’t so plain… or simple… but he does an excellent job of “dimming things down” for ordinary people.

So I have for you, friends with no clue, a series of Rick Mercer videos that may help to educate you about our system and the current state of governmental affairs. I am throwing in the last one for good measure… even though Stephane Dion is gone, I will always love that video. Enjoy.

RMR: Rick’s Rant – Vote (last year Rick did virtually the same rant… still entirely relevant!)

RMR: Rick’s Rant – The Harper Government (this one isn’t really educational, just funny)

RMR: Canada Explained (a bit older but still hilariously informative nonetheless)

RMR: Election Kids (how can you not love this?)

Stay tuned for a link to all the basic information you need to know about each party so you can make an informed decision. My source is in the process of updating info but in the next couple weeks I will make it VERY easy for you to get informed.



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