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P90X: Day Two

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I skipped yesterday ‘s workout due to getting home late, being too store to move, and on account of I was just too tired to function.

I redeemed today however by giving 80% effort to ‘Cardio X’. I like Cardio X. It’s a mix of some yoga, plyometrics, and kenpo – probably something else too but I don’t know what to call it. Really great workout! I know, however, that tomorrow I will find it hard to move even my little fingers across the keyboard of my computer – not productive given my line of work. Damn. I’m also petrified of tomorrow’s workout. Nevermind the fact that I’ll be sore, the thought of doing a workout called ‘Arms, Shoulders, and Ab Ripper X‘ is absolutely numbingly terrifying for me. Combine my utter lack of any kind of arm or shoulder strength with the fact that instead of ab muscles I have skin and fat and I think we can expect the results to be 50% effort TOPS for tomorrow. Hopefully I can surprise myself (I have been doing a fair amount of that lately) and I can give it 60-70%!

I’m going to go do two pull-ups now (because that’s all I can do – even with my assistance band!) on my way to soak my weak muscles in the bathtub! Wish me luck in not dying while making this attempt.

Before I go… here’s a retrospectively funny story for you. Last night, I decided I’d do a couple pull-ups on my way past the pull-up bar so I flung my knee into the resistance band, dangled myself from the bar like a sack of potatoes and luck would have it that the pull-up bar was NOT properly secured. The bar slipped and I crumbled to the ground and the bar fell on my head. Add this unfortunate event to the already aching body and the headache that had launched into my brain and you have a VERY unhappy and nearly dead camper. The only plus is that my giant self didn’t have very far too fall… it’s lucky I’m not shorter!


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I've recently finished my Political Science degree at the University of Victoria but have decided to follow my passion to Edmonton. I am going to NAIT taking Digital Media and IT. I'm learning about what I love and I LOVE it. I'm a food junkie who's learning to eat food that's better for me, a sports fan, design freak, politics junkie, and music lover.

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