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P90X: Day 3

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I did it. I actually survived ‘Arms & Shoulders and Ab Ripper X’.

80 minutes of grueling activity. Actually, it wasn’t as bas as I had anticipated but it was still intense! . I thought it was for SURE going to involve pull-ups but it didn’t. I did, however,  learn that my triceps are so incredibly weak… moreso than I thought possible. My arms and abs are also now killing me so next up on the list for the night is a bath and then bed. I fear that sitting up out of bed tomorrow will be a miserable experience but as they say, “No Pain, No Gain.”

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut. I’m nervous about that but maybe if it turns out nice and if you’re all good boys and girls I’ll post a picture of the new me.

Sweet dreams.



About Megan

I've recently finished my Political Science degree at the University of Victoria but have decided to follow my passion to Edmonton. I am going to NAIT taking Digital Media and IT. I'm learning about what I love and I LOVE it. I'm a food junkie who's learning to eat food that's better for me, a sports fan, design freak, politics junkie, and music lover.

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