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Squash racquet reviews for all!

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Friends! I’m sorry it’s been so long. With working through the summer and school starting up, blogging hasn’t really been on my radar. But now I have news for you! I have started a new project and need your support. The major goal of this project is to reach top-10 on the google search page with the keywords ‘squash racquet review’ but it’s also being used as a pilot for a bigger project which is in the ‘conceptualization phase’. More on that another time.

For now, visit for all you squash racquet review and information needs. Also, I’m pretty proud of the design so have a look at that too and let me know what you think!



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I've recently finished my Political Science degree at the University of Victoria but have decided to follow my passion to Edmonton. I am going to NAIT taking Digital Media and IT. I'm learning about what I love and I LOVE it. I'm a food junkie who's learning to eat food that's better for me, a sports fan, design freak, politics junkie, and music lover.

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