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P90X: Day Four

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Just to be clear, the day number correlates with the # of times I’ve actually DONE P90X. I haven’t been doing it every day, obviously, so… ya.

Anyway, today was Yoga X. It brought me to tears. Of boredom. For the first half anyway. Seriously… the first half is SO repetitive… “Now, down to plank, now to chataranga, and back to plank, now downward dog, lift the left heel to the sky, and swing it through to runners pose. Now, fingertips to the floor, and up to warrior one.” I am going to mute it next time I have to do Yoga X so I never have to hear those words again.

That said, it was a tough workout. Being the putz that I am, I wish they did the balance poses first so I could establish some sense of calm and balance before doing all the ones that required moving AND balancing. Although, the balance poses at the end was a nice way to wind down. Turns out I wish they did balance poses before AND after the repetitive vinyasa stuff.

Overall, I felt pretty good after and most importantly, it was a nice way to start the day off. I really focused on clearing my mind of what I had to do for the rest of the day and I actually found myself to be really productive once I was done the workout. The fruits of today’s Yoga X induced labour will soon be seen at; in the mean time just go check out that site – Duane is a pretty awesome guy!

Well, it’s almost time for bed and Pirates of the Caribbean is on. Goodnight!

xoMegan Lindsay